At The Hermitage, we aim to ensure that pupils who are thought to have a SEND need are identified and assessed as early as possible. On entry to Year 7, all pupils are tested on their reading and comprehension ability through a standardised test. If your child comes to us with an identified SEND need they may undergo additional standardised testing to ensure that the provision that we are providing for your child is appropriate. The results of these tests, along with KS2 data and information gathered throughout the transition process will determine the level of initial intervention. It is important to note that not all pupils referred to the SEND Team will be SEND pupils; any support and guidance given may be short, medium or long term.

Number of students with area of need

 Cognition & LearningCommunication & InteractionSocial, Emotional and/or Mental Health (SEMH)Physical and/or Sensory
Year 77471
Year 8101153
Year 911682
Year 107642
Year 118610
Year 12 & 131100