At The Hermitage we know how important a successful transition is to our pupils with additional needs. The Hermitage has a comprehensive transition programme that applies to all key stages. For detailed information on all admission procedures please see the admissions section of our website. Additionally if you would like to arrange a visit to the school to discuss and clarify the specific support that can be offered for your child then please contact Mrs S Boland (SENCO).

Key Stage 2 to 3

The Hermitage works collaboratively with local feeder primary schools to support pupils from year 4, through to arrival in year 7. As an academy, we provide additional support for pupils who we feel would benefit from enhanced transition. To support the transition process during the summer term we dedicate time for primary school visits to The Hermitage for identified children.

For all students with SEND needs, parents/carers will be invited to a meeting with a member of the SEND team. This meeting is designed as an opportunity to discuss student needs in detail and create a SEND passport. The SEND passport seeks to inform teaching staff of the difficulties students have and strategies to counteract these prior to students starting at the Academy in September. For students with an EHCP the SENCO will attend annual review meetings to ensure resources and support are in place to meet outcomes outlines in the plan. Additionally, this provides an excellent opportunity to ease any worries or concerns that pupils, parents or carers may have.

All pupils are invited to attend two Induction Days which allows pupils to experience sample lessons and activities, designed to build self-confidence and familiarise themselves with The Hermitage Academy.

We value the importance of including parents and carers as much as possible in their child’s transition to The Hermitage therefore parents/carers are invited into school in the summer term of Year 6 for an Induction evening which gives parents/carers a further opportunity to look around the Academy, meet staff and discuss any concerns that they may have before their child starts in Year 7.

Key Stage 3 to 4

In Y9, students prepare to make their choices for Key Stage 4 subjects. If your child has an EHCP this will be discussed as part of their annual review.

All students are encouraged to choose the areas where they are most likely to achieve personal success. All students by law must take English, Maths and Science as well as Physical Education and Religious Education.

To ensure students with SEND are able to make progress and achieve, interviews with the SENCO and Director of Achievement are held and parents contacted regarding the option choices that have been selected.

Beyond Key Stage 4

We also provide enhanced transition for KS4 pupils staying at The Hermitage Academy or moving on to an alternative establishment.

If your child has an EHCP, they will meet with a Post 16 caseworker from the Local Authority in Year 11 to create a plan for their Post 16 education.

If your child does not have an EHCP, the plan will be created with parents, a Personal Advisor from the One Point Service, the pastoral team and the SENCO.

The Academy will support your child in finding a new school or college that is appropriate for their needs and if required, the SENCO will arrange visits to new schools/colleges for your child. The period of transition will depend on the individual needs of the pupil.