Positive Parents is a genuine attempt to engage with and seek the views of parents on Academy issues and help develop a stronger home-school partnership.

The next meeting of the Academy Positive Parents is on Wednesday 13th February 5.00pm-6.00pm

 The focus of the meeting will be to provide an update and gain feedback from parents on:

  •  Proposed changes to the school day
  • Progress towards improvement actions following Ofsted and the Parents forum (to include homework)

 Please email tforster@thehermitageacademy.net to confirm your attendance, providing your name and the name of your child, by Friday 8th February.  

 We look forward to seeing you and thank you for your continued support.

Benefits to parents:

  • Parents will have a greater understanding of the way the Academy operates.
  • Parents have more information about their child’s education and the quality of that education.
  • Parents will be able to contribute to the strategic direction of the Academy.
  • Parents will share the vision for the Academy.

Benefits to the School:

  • The academy will develop a better understanding of the view and needs of parents and how they might address them.
  • Parents contribute time, ideas and skills which complement the ideas, skills and expertise of the School staff and governors.
  • Ultimately the group exists for the benefit of all students. The group is not to be used for raising specific issues about individual children or staff.