Academy Meals @ Gigabite

Meals at The Hermitage Academy are provided in Gigabite by our in-house team of cooks and catering staff. We pride ourselves on delivering a variety of nutritional food bought fresh from the best suppliers and prepared traditionally with care. We work closely with students to offer a wide selection of appealing choices, our menu focuses on home-cooked dishes with plenty of vegetables, fruit and salad. Students can choose from a range of main course dishes in addition to pasta dishes, filled jacket potatoes, sandwiches, baguettes, panini’s, fresh fruit and salad available daily.

At The Hermitage we put our pupils first by giving them the best value we can whilst using only the best fresh ingredients. Our portions are larger than most schools and we continue to make all of our meals fresh every day. All of our meats are sourced from local butchers and cooked on the premises. We only use the best cuts including steak mince, chicken breast, loin of pork, and gammon joints – all of which are steamed or roasted in-house.

 The school operates a cash-free catering system: a finger scanner is used to deduct money from the student’s account. Student accounts can be topped up by students paying cash in school, or online by parents/carers through Parentpay at Should you require further information or a reminder of your ParentPay account details please contact the school.

Free School Meals

Information on the eligibility criteria for Free School Meals can be found on the letter attached. To see if your child is eligible, please complete the application form below and return this to the school.

School Meals Debt Policy

From September 2018 students with an account balance of -£10 or less will no longer be served a meal. This is due to concerns that parents are accruing large amounts of debt for school meals which they then find difficult to clear. When this debt remains unpaid we as a school incur this cost, adversely affecting our core purpose of educating students.

We ask that parents/carers utilise ParentPay to monitor students accounts and we ask you to ensure a credit balance is maintained to ensure payment for meals can be taken. If you have concerns over spending a daily spending limit can be applied to a student’s account at the request of the parent/carer.