The partnership with parents/carers is one of our most powerful resources to ensure that children with SEND can achieve their full potential. Parents/carers are informed when students are placed on the SEND register and are involved in all stages of the process. All parents/carers are encouraged to be involved in their child’s education. Parents/carers have been key to the development of the SEND information report.

We welcome feedback from parents/carers all year round. Parents/carers can make an appointment to speak to any member of staff including the SENCO throughout the year for any reason.

All information from external professionals will be discussed with you and with the person involved directly, or where this is not possible, in a report. The SENCO will also arrange to meet with you to discuss any new assessments and ideas suggested by external agencies for your child.

The local authority’s SEND Information and Advice Service (SENDIASS) provides information and support to parents/carers of children with SEND. A wide range of support and advice may be obtained by contacting this independent service.